Haulage & Freight Forwarding

Getting to our destination safely, reliably and on time. This is our guiding principle whenever and wherever our customers’ goods need transporting. The MICHL GRUPPE’s state-of-the-art fleet meets the industry’s stringent quality standards. 

Our customers benefit from our computer-aided vehicle tracking service around the clock, so you always know exactly where your cargo is – and so do we.

“I’ve been part of the MICHL GRUPPE since June 2015 and am very proud of that fact. It’s great to watch the company keep on growing yet stay really family-friendly, with flat hierarchies.”

Lilian Dispatch Italy

“My remit in Human Resources here in the MICHL GRUPPE is very varied and gives me some new, exciting and challenging things to tackle every single day. I was welcomed into the Michl team with open arms and, ever since then, have felt part of a family that’s young and constantly growing. Being allowed to take on my own responsibilities makes me confident that my work is valued and appreciated. The MICHL GRUPPE is small enough for everyone to know everyone else and for everything to be very personal, but big enough to allow career progression.”

Josipa HR Managerin

“My favourite things about the MICHL GRUPPE are how friendly everyone is and how closely we work together with company management. Our highly motivated team of mainly young people help to foster an extremely pleasant working environment. My remit is really varied. As well as accounting, I also need to be on top of international tax matters well beyond Germany [establishment of the bases in Romania, Austria and Serbia].”

Eva-Maria Accounting

“I had a really good feeling right from when I sat down for my interview. After it was over, I remember thinking how nice it would be if I got the job. As someone who was changing career, I did have a few worries, but the support I got from my colleagues as well as from company management gave me the perfect start. And I’ve never once been disappointed as the years have gone on: I like the fact that the MICHL GRUPPE is flexible, always looking ahead and open to new ideas and suggestions for improvement.”

Maritta Executive PA

“A secure and reliable employer who’ll support their employees in challenging times rather than leaving them in the lurch. You’re treated as a human being rather than a number – after so many years here, you just feel part of the family.”

Alessandro Dispatch Italy

“I’ve been part of the Michl team for 17 years now and have seen first-hand how the company has grown. I still feel very much at home in this family business and in my varied role and always get the sense that I can go to my employer with anything. As a mother of two children, finding a healthy work/life balance is also very important to me, and it’s something that the MICHL GRUPPE always takes into account.”

Nicole Controlling

“The freedom to do your own work, new challenges every day and the variety I encounter in my job: ‘the sky has no limit’ is my motto. Satisfied and happy customers, great colleagues and a pleasant working environment give me fresh motivation every day in my role as a member of the MICHL GRUPPE.”

Sadik Project Management – Dispatch

"Working here is simply fantastic. We work as a team and all pull together. It’s never boring, because every day is different and we can overcome any challenge by joining forces."

Asim Dispatch, Short-Haul Runs/Company Fleet

“I’ve worked at the MICHL GRUPPE as a storekeeper and deputy warehouse manager for over three years. I like the fact that every day brings new challenges and things never get boring. We’re a team of very nice colleagues. MICHL needs you too 👉 Come and join us 😉"

Jasmin Deputy Warehouse Manager

"What I like about the MICHL GRUPPE are its flat hierarchies, how people treat one another and the trust they place in you if you’ve earned it and are doing your job well. These things come together to create a working environment in which I enjoy going to work every day. You automatically give your all, even in stressful situations, because here you’re doing it for your team, who appreciate you and have got your back.”

Dominique Head of Data Processing

“I like working in the MICHL GRUPPE because we’re constantly growing yet still embrace the idea of flat hierarchies. Short decision-making channels, a young team and a secure job in a fast-growing industry make the MICHL GRUPPE an attractive employer as far as I’m concerned.”

Daniel Key Account Manager Haulage & Freight Forwarding

“Work is rarely as diverse and exciting as you get here in the MICHL GRUPPE. The flat hierarchies and friendly working environment make it an extremely pleasant place to work. On top of that, my ambitious colleagues only serve to enhance my varied daily routine and make me happy to clock in again every day.”

Christoph Dispatch UK

“I’ve now been at the company for more than six years. What I like most about it is the friendly atmosphere, where everyone feels part of a family. Every day brings new tasks and challenges – so your work never gets boring. The good thing about the company’s own fleet is that you’re in constant contact with all the departments in order to make sure everything runs smoothly.”

Jonas Dispatch, Short-Haul Runs/Company Fleet

“We’re very much on the move and have been for many years. For us, ‘on the move’ means offering haulage and logistics solutions that are as sustainable as they are innovative and responding to change in the economy and society. The MICHL GRUPPE is constantly growing – and achieving success as a team together with its customers.”

Stefan Michl CEO

There are a great many reasons to choose us

We in the MICHL GRUPPE will get your cargo to its destination safely and reliably. This is taken care of by our team of highly trained drivers and experienced dispatchers, who make sure that we’re the reliable partner that you’re looking for.
Efficiency and transparency are extremely important to us. Investing continually in expanding our digital infrastructure ensures that we’re constantly connected to our drivers and allows you to see at any time whereabouts your cargo is on its journey thanks to GPS tracking. We fit seamlessly into your supply chain, allowing us to work efficiently and plan proactively.

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Handling of freight that cannot be moved on the ground.
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Efficient and cost-effective transport service (LTL, FTL)


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